Nicked Journal Issue 1: Uncovering Legal Absurdities
Nicked Journal Issue 1: Uncovering Legal Absurdities
ISBN: 978-1-3999-8235-1
180 x 250 mm, 86 pages
South West England
Editor: Seth Cox
Assistant Editor: Edward O’Claire
Designer: Daniel Cox

Our first issue ‘uncovering legal absurdities’ explores why it is that courthouses are intent on keeping us lot, the public/rabble/dirty masses, out. From awkward sight lines in the public galleries to censorious stares from Court Ushers, lack of decent parking to airy-fairy legal jargon; blatantly, we are not wanted in our courthouses. If that isn’t enough reason to go to your local and make a nuisance of yourself for a day or two, I don’t know what is. This issue also involves a bloke losing his fingers to a chainsaw, another bloke losing his life to Lollardy and an old Lady giving a talk under the tallest cathedral spire in England. 

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